Why is a seating assessment important?

The right seating can literally transform your life when you are living with reduced mobility, a disability, or an ongoing health condition. Get it wrong and the effects of poor posture can seriously exacerbate both your mental and physical health condition.

By evaluating your individual needs and situation with a free seating assessment, we can ensure that we match you with a chair that is going to enhance your posture, comfort, overall wellbeing and general health – for a better quality of life.

step 1

Get in touch

Simply complete our contact form below and mention you want an assessment.

One of our team member will phone you to book an in person assessment. Alternatively we can provide an assessment or advice over the phone or by video call.

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step 2

In-person assessment

We will arrange for you to visit us and confirm the venue, date and time of your assessment by email.  You’ll be able to view a range of specialist seating and accessories that we’ve carefully selected. At the end of your visit, we’ll identify the best chair suitable for your needs. We will also discuss the warranty, manufacturer's guarantee, recommended maintenance and our service plan options.

Step 3

Delivery, set-up and support

We will arrange delivery at a time to suit you, set-up your equipment and then show you how to use it.