Uccello Kettle and Tipper


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The Uccello Kettle is a unique kettle and tipper in one and has safe and elegant assistive technology that makes handling boiling water safely seem effortless. It opens up a world of confidence and independence for anyone who wishes to handle boiling water safely.

Product Features

  • The circular shape of the Uccello, combined with its rotating cradle offers a safe method of pouring water for users with restricted mobility and limited strength 
  • The positioning and shape of the ergonomically designed Uccello handle means weight is distributed across the entire arm, not just fingers and wrists
  • Non weight bearing tilt and pour action
  • Uccello can be easily removed from the tipper for filling or filled whilst still in the cradle
  • Requires the lightest of touches to tap open or close the hinged lid
  • Sits within a sturdy base that has the added safety of non slip feet for further stability
  • Easy to read water level
  • Auto shut-off with over heating protection, quiet boiling, wide opening for easy filling
  • 1.5 litre (6 cup) maximum capacity